The Active English Club originally began as a language school in 1996 within the Centre for Active Language Learning. Today, we have grown to a school with twelve classes and a well-established lending library.
We believe that the child has the greatest potential to learn in a secure and structured environment. Our goal is to enable the children to communicate with ease in any context and have therefore designed our classrooms with the child in mind. Our facilities and the materials we use are bright and colourful. The small class size allows for each child to have the upmost interaction with the teacher.
All of our classes have tailored curricula, which work in partnership with the child’s parent. The classes take place on a weekly basis and include some exercises to be practised at home. We have seen that the children’s language skills advance the most when their parents support them. Our teachers are also readily available to help with ideas and encouragement on how to motivate the children. We want the classroom to be a fun place, where we take care that the children master the material at each specific level.